About Us

New Look Vision Group Inc. (formerly New Look Eyewear Inc.) is a Montreal-based, Canadian public company with its shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (“BCI”).

New Look Vision is a leading provider of eye care products and services across Canada with a network of 391 stores operating mainly under the New Look Eyewear (www.newlook.ca), Vogue Optical (www.vogueoptical.com), Greiche & Scaff (www.greiche-scaff.com), Iris (www.iris.ca) banners in Canada, and the Edward Beiner (www.edwardbeiner.com - US ) banner in Florida. The Company operates a lens processing laboratory and a distribution centre in Ville St-Laurent, Québec, and a lens processing laboratory in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Our geographical distribution is as follows:

Geographic location Number of stores
Quebec 202
British Columbia 46
Ontario 42
New Brunswick 26
Nova Scotia 22
Alberta 16
Newfoundland & Labrador 15
Price Edward Island 8
Saskastchewan 2
Florida 12

The Company’s current priorities and development plans include the following objectives:

  1. To continue to explore generic growth and acquisitions opportunities across Canada in order to take advantage of consolidation of the Canadian retail optical industry;
  2. To build on the Company's newly established presence in Florida;
  3. To share current practices between the banners by benchmarking activities and identifying areas from which the group could maximize results and cash flows;
  4. To improve liquidity and the balance sheet through a planned program of annual repayment of acquisition debt;
  5. To increase our market position by an expansion and continual modernization of our state-of-the-art laboratories, aggressive marketing, availability of optometrists and well-trained personnel;
  6. To continue to improve the efficiency of our operations by significant investments in system; and
  7. To continue to improve the Company's omni-channel presence including our web-related platform for eye exam appointments, contact lens sales orders and greater information to the public through our internet window display and newsletter on eyewear fashion trends.