Corporate development

Joining New Look Vision Group

New Look Vision Group is a leader in Canada and among North America’s most successful, fastest-growing, fully integrated optical companies. It has been rapidly expanding since 2013, beginning with 70 locations and now counting more than 420 locations in its network. Firmly engaged in the path of further growth, we are looking forward to meeting potential new partners to join the group.

Beyond numbers and locations, New Look Vision Group is looking to partner first and foremost with the most talented and skilled professionals, and acquiring and retaining the best management teams in the industry.


Our Partnership Philosophy

With the industry becoming more and more competitive, we are committed to providing the means for our partners to succeed in the best way we know how. With partnership models that suit various needs and the flexibility to shape those needs that work for each partner, you can find your place here at New Look Vision Group.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships based on trust, understanding and mutual respect in order to achieve success in business, always placing patient care at the forefront. We are well equipped to deal with the regional diversity that may be posed by the geographic location of your business. New Look Vision Group already operates successfully in a number of diverse communities and markets across Canada and the United States, including: urban, suburban, rural and remote. We feel that this understanding will be key to the future success of your business.

Whether your needs are for building consistent growth in the future, adding value in your current practice or getting ready to close a chapter and prepare for retirement, as part of New Look Vision Group, you’ll have access to all the necessary tools for you to succeed no matter your journey. You can rest assured that as a result of the differing operating models throughout the group we will find the right cultural and strategic fit for your business, whether that be medically oriented, retail focused or an exclusive high-end luxury business.

Join New Look Vision Group to maintain exceptional patient care standards and keep your practice moving forward.

Together, let’s be market leaders.

Why join?

Join our group to have the business support you need and an industry-leading team behind you.

  • Multiple partnership models to best suit your needs
  • Promote and support investment in order to foster growth
  • Inclusive and joint decision-making process
  • Proven track record of successfully integrating businesses
  • Shared market insights
  • Exclusive and proprietary systems designed by optical professionals
  • Strong financial backing

For more information, contact us.

The process

Getting started with New Look Vision Group is easy. Consult our list below to learn more about what to expect when it comes to each step of the process.
From start to finish, the process can take anywhere between 3 and 5 months.

Step 1:

Initial Contact

An initial exploratory meeting is held between you and New Look Vision Group to ensure cultural and strategic fit within one of New Look Vision Group’s business units.

Step 2:

Non-disclosure agreement

A non-disclosure agreement will be signed by both parties to ensure both the exploratory process and the rest of the transaction are performed with complete confidentiality.

Step 3:

Preliminary financial review & evaluation

You will provide the necessary operational and financial information which will allow us to assess the value of your practice, complemented by regular meetings with one another. This step is completed in a non-intrusive manner, allowing you to continue running your practice with the least distractions possible.

Step 4:

Letter of intent (LOI)

This next step is where we draft a non-binding letter of intent that outlines the terms of our transaction (ex. purchase price, expectations for you on a go-forward basis).

Step 5:

Confirmatory due diligence

Once the letter of intent is signed we complete a more in-depth review than what we did in Step 3. This step consists of all the legal, accounting, tax and other verifications customary in transactions of this nature.

Step 6:

Definitive agreements

Closing the deal is the final step of the process. If both parties are comfortable with all of the terms and conditions, we sign the definitive agreements. Once all of the agreements are signed and closing conditions satisfied (notably landlord consent), we wire the closing proceeds for your immediate access.

Joining the group as a separate stand-alone business unit: Edward Beiner Group

Edward Beiner Group, the previously independently owned luxury eyewear retailer located in Florida, was acquired by New Look Vision Group in 2020. Here’s what Edward had to say about his experience.


Why did you decide to join New Look Vision Group?

After 40 years in business, I knew that I wanted to sell to a group that would maintain the integrity and DNA of what we had built. New Look Vision Group is a large company, but maintains an entrepreneurial feel who afforded me the opportunity to continue working and operating my business. It was also important that my employees, many who have been with me for over 30 years, would not lose their jobs and that newer and ambitious employees would be afforded attractive career opportunities. I felt validated very early on that I made the right decision. By joining New Look Vision Group, we became part of a highly successful organization that provides us with the support to accelerate our growth in Florida.

How’s your experience so far?

My experience so far is rather simple; just as promised. Before the sale I explained my vision on how to make our business more prosperous. These were ideas and plans that as a small company were challenging to implement. From the day we finalized our partnership until today, New Look Vision Group has allowed me to pursue the vision I had set forth, while remaining true to our goals within our organization.

What are the advantages of being part of New Look Vision Group?

Joining New Look Vision Group allowed for us to further our stance in the field of optometry as we received full support to invest in both our doctors and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. In addition to medical enhancements, we have been able to amplify our brand portfolio given the shared market strength and unity provided by New Look Vision Group.

What key results have you achieved?

Joining New Look Vision Group has allowed for specific financial and operational objectives to be met that were only attainable due to the support provided by the management team at New Look Vision Group. In just over one year, we experienced a company-wide increase in sales despite the challenging operating environment, the addition of two new locations, a prospering e-commerce business, and a company-wide expansion and focus on optometry. New Look Vision Group is very supportive of our vision and processes deployed to achieve those goals.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned by joining the group?

The most surprising thing I’ve experienced since joining the group would be the sense of cohesion, respect, openness and support that exists within this large organization. These qualities have shown me and my team how to remain united while working to achieve a common goal.