Rx-entrée coordinator

The coordinator will have to support the team leader in his work and act as a team leader on his shift. To do this, the assistant team leader will need to be able to understand, perform and train the technicians on duty.

Job Responsibility

  • Prepare orders for stock and surface lenses;
  • Assist the team leader in managing the order flow (printing, ordering, outsourcing, emails);
  • Assist the Team Leader with replenishment orders, lens receipt, put-away, follow-up of supplier orders and inventory checks;
  • Determine the number of dollies required to power the surface on his/her shift;
  • Assist the team leader with problematic works in the combo by substituting suppliers, basic curvatures and coordinating these changes with the STL department if necessary;
  • Prioritise the flow of items according to quantity and importance (pick-up trucks, Iris orders, stock lenses);
  • Perform the various tasks requested by their team leader and supervisor;

Job Requirement and Qualification 

  • High School Diploma (General) (SSD);
  • 1 to 3 years of experience in a distribution centre is an asset;
  • Acts as Ambassador of Newlook Vision Group in its attitude and actions;
  • Good technical knowledge;
  • Analytical and reasoning skills;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Cooperative, motivated, disciplined, dynamic and punctual;
  • Ability for teamwork;
  • Ability and ability to communicate, have leadership, be autonomous and be able to take initiatives;
  • Sense of priorities and sense of organization;
  • Be available and flexible;
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken French, functional English;